The history

Traditional preparation

The Beemster Polder is recognized as an Unesco World Heritage Site. Beemster cheese is a product typical of the region where it is made and is prepared by our Master cheesemakers using traditional methods. For over a hundred years, we have worked closely with our dairy farmers and their cows chosen for the excellence of the milk they produce. Beemster is proud to provide the finest cheese in the Netherlands thanks to our commitment to quality and respect for tradition.

Beemster cheeses are traditionally prepared at our own cheese dairy by our proud Master cheesemakers where we still stir the curd by hand to guarantee the quality of each and every cheese we produce. More than 100 years of experience is represented in the unique flavour and exceptional smooth texture of Beemster cheeses.

Natural ripening

We prepare Beemster cheeses according to a secret recipe. What’s the most important ingredient? Patience! Natural ripening on untreated wooden boards ensures that the ultimate flavor is achieved. In some cases, the ripening process can be for more than two years.