• Own cheese dairy
  • Natural aging
  • Traditional production
  • 100% pasture milk
Age: Aged
Aging: 10 months
Taste: Rich and Sharp
Package: Wheel

Beemster 48+ Aged

Beemster Aged is truly a pleasure to be savoured. Ripened for 10 months, this cheese achieves a unique, sharp and deeply rich taste. For more than a hundred years, Beemster Aged has been produced following traditional methods and even today, is partly made by hand. Using 100% whey milk, the distinctive taste of Beemster Aged is unmissable.

Nutritional values per 100 grams
Energy:404 kcal/1677 kJ
Protein:26,3 g
Carbohydrate:0 g
Of which sugars:0 g
Fats:33,2 g (23,9 g saturated)
Dietary fiber:0 g
Salt:1,9 g
Calcium:871 mg



Ingredients:Pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt, annatto (for color)
Fat percentage:48+, 51,3% fat in dry matter
Allergens:Cow’s milk