• Own cheese dairy
  • Natural aging
  • Traditional production
  • 100% pasture milk

Beemster Bun wins the Mercurys Award

Beemster Cheese has won a Mercurys Award in the category Food Product Snack. We are super proud of this result! The Beemster Bun has won because of the full flavoured creamy and delicious Beemster Cheese filling, the sustainable package and the innovation of the complete concept. 

Beemster Bun
The Beemster Bun is a premium vegetarian cheese snack. It is based on the concept of the traditional Dutch sausage roll (worstenbroodje). The bun is made from light bread dough instead of heavy filo dough and has the advantage of less crumbling. The cheese is made from sustainable dairy from caring dairing farming resulting in the highest quality cheese. The product is suitable for all ages and can be eaten any moment of the day.

Available as single, duo or multi-packs, the eco-friendly packaging is designed to fit  6 buns to a Skid and designed  for storage in a standard  ATLAS drawer. This traditional and historical snack will be appreciated by knowing passengers and be a delicious discovery for rest!

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About the Mercurys
The Mercurys is the most prestigious award in travel catering, worldwide. It is sought after by the best and most pro-active companies in the industry. The 37th edition of The Mercurys was held alongside SIAL Middle East in December 2018.