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  • Beemster Buffet Presentation

    The Beemster assortment offers something for any time of day. Take our 25-slice pack for example - Attractively arranged slices are ideal for direct presentation on your buffet.

  • Beemster Cheese - A hearty snack in the air

    ... or on the go! Beemster cheese is available in conveniently packaged Mini’s. A quick and healthy snack that’s just right - wherever you are!

  • The beemster Sandwich - A meal in itself

    Easy, satisfying and yummy too! Our freshly prepared sandwiches are made with wholewheat bread and premium Beemster cheese. Enjoy convenience without compromise!

  • Grilled Cheese Divine - A la Beemster Royaal

    Want a grilled cheese sandwich like you’ve never tasted? Take it to the next level with Beemster Royaal. With its robust flavour, Beemster Royaal doesn’t lose any of its slightly nutty and sweet overtones, even when melted. A grilled cheese has never tasted so good!


Beemster cheese is a product typical of the region where it is made and is prepared by our Master cheesemakers using traditional methods. For over a hundred years, we have worked closely with our dairy farmers and their cows chosen for the excellence of the milk they produce.

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For more than a hundred years, Beemster’s Master cheesemakers have produced tasty and smooth-textured cheeses of the finest quality. Our award-winning cheeses are carefully prepared following tradition and ripened to perfection.

Beemster 48+ Aged
Taste: Rich and Sharp

Beemster 48+ Aged

Beemster 48+ Semi Mature
Taste: Creamy and Mild

Beemster 48+ Semi Mature

Slices (50)
Beemster Royaal
Taste: Nutty and Sligthly Sweet

Beemster Royaal

Small Pieces
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